Taruto (box of 4)

    Assorted french tarts perfect for a relaxing afternoon tea or as a gift to your friends, coming in boxes of 4!

    Choose 1 flavor for every 2 tarts (max 2 different flavor for a box of 4).

    Choose from 4 flavours:

    Dark Choco – Smooth and silky dark chocolate tart, made with 70.5% dark chocolated imported from Belgium.
    Lemon Meringue – Sweet and tangy, a refreshing treat in sunny Singapore.
    Banofee – My personal favourite! Sweet, creamy, and banana-y!
    Matcha White Choco – Sweet, bitter and creamy tart that instantly melts in your mouth.

    Box of 4 – $25
    Box of 6 – $36

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