Where to self-collect?

Self collect will be at Bukit Panjang (670184) – 5 mins walk from Bukit Panjang Mrt Station

Can we choose the timing for delivery?

You can choose a timing specific delivery (2 hr timeslot) with the premium delivery ($23/delivery) which includes delivery to CBD and Sentosa areas as well. However, on all other deliveries, the timing will be allocated to you. You can note down your preferred timing and we will try to put it into consideration when planning the delivery route (no guarantees tho)!

When will we know our delivery timing?

We will let you know your allocated 2 hr delivery timing either the night before the delivery/the morning of! Delivery timing given is an estimate and delivery might be delayed due to weather or traffic conditions. 

How much is the delivery?

Standard Delivery (12pm – 7pm) will be $12
Delivery to city and Sentosa areas (12pm – 7pm) will be $15
Timing Specific delivery will be $23. You can choose your own 2 hr time slot from 10am to 7pm and delivery to city and Sentosa areas are included. 

Can we change our delivery timing after it’s allocated to us?

Unfortunately, we are not able to change your allocated delivery timing as it is the timing sent to us by the delivery company and the timing assigned is dependent on their route. However, if you feel that you are unable to make it for your allocated timing, you can opt to top you $13 within an hour of receiving your allocated timing to choose your own timing specific delivery. Or you can opt to get it delivered 1 day later (timing still assigned to you). Do note that if you opt for it do get it delivered a day later, our bakes will have to be consumed within 2 days instead of 3. 

My cake delivery is late and I would like a refund!

For normal delivery, please allow a leeway of at least half an hr from the estimated time slot given as delivery is subjected to traffic and weather conditions. If your delivery has not been made half an hour after the estimated timeslot, we can reschedule the delivery to the next day or offer a 50% refund to you.